@ Uninsured Motorists

I was sitting at a cyber station in Chila. Chila is between Puerto Escondido and The Manialtepec Lagoon. All my energy was being used up trying to figure out how to type the @ symbol so that I could check my emails. Shift Two I could now do in my sleep. Alt Sixty Four on the other hand, had my goat.

Some eight year old knew what I was trying to ask, and she stepped in and helped a brother out. Not even the cyber station granny knew what I was trying to ask. She just sat there emotionless while I said, “pues normalmente pongo Shift y dos a recibir la senal @,(i make an @ sign air drawing) entiendes?”

That’s when i heard the big crash. I looked outside, and a truck had backed into my brand new Moto. And Down Goes Moto. I rushed outside to make sure I could stop the driver before he sped off. We made eye contact. He motioned that he was going to pull off to the side. He got out of his truck and started overwhelming me extra fast southern spanish. I didn’t even recognize a word. Not even one. Here we fucking go again..

Surprisingly, the bike didn’t suffer too much damage. At least not that I could see. A couple of broken reflectors. A few scuffs here and there. Make no mistake, it’s not like he made it look better either.  It definitely was not a big deal.

I thought to myself that if the roles were reversed, I would be reaching DEEP into my bathing suit so that he wouldn’t call the authorities and have me thrown in jail. So of course I thought about telling him to bone up and give me 20 bucks and I would let it slide.

But he didn’t have a shirt. He didn’t have shoes. He seemed to be apologetic. It now seemed like he also had a few people in his corner. A few of them started chiming in a little too.

Well my thirty seconds were now up, so I looked him in the eye, put out my right hand, and told him not to worry about a thing. His eyes got huge. He smiled. He thanked me. He said he lived right there, and pointed. He said to come by his house anytime for tamales.

IMG_7968   IMG_7978

Hello Goodbye

How can I ever forget Monday Night, October 27th, 2014.  I specifically remember waiting until dark before I made my decision official. It went like this: Had my partner come to me by the time the sun went down, there stood a strong chance that I could have been talked into staying.  Sun went down. No partner. I got real busy.

My partner lived right around the corner. I knew that energy and vibes had their way of traveling in this neck, so I turned off all the lights in and around my apartment. In addition, I detached the lights inside my van so that I could leave all the doors open without a light coming on.  So yeah, I had decided to work in the dark. Stealth, I know.

I made the decision to leave Puerto. Not only leave puerto, but sorta sneak out of Puerto. Probably for good.  Sorta not what I had in mind for myself, but in the same breathe, I was in desperate need of doing what I had to do.

I began the packing up process. Man o Man.

You see, my partner began standing on legs he didn’t have. Legs he wanted, not had. Huge difference.  At least to me. He had no legs to stand on because money talks and bullshit walks. That’s the part he didn’t get. Unfortunately for him, I did. So when bullshit started talking, money went walking. As gutted as I felt sneaking away at night so that I wouldn’t get caught by the man who had no legs to stand on, and as heartbroken as I was over the decision I made to have chosen the wrong business partner, and as frightened and as alone as I was at even one element of repercussion, I did feel entitled to do whatever the fuck I wanted to do.

So that’s what I did.

Love Me Tender

stoked!! i had forgotten all about the $375US that I had hidden in a book that i hadn’t opened in years. no way!! $378US actually. it smelled moldy. i cleaned it in the sink, and put it out in the tropical sun for about 20 minutes. after it dried, i introduced it to the 4500MXN in my wallet. everybody seemed to get along. this US money would come in handy because the Mexican money was running low.  so yeah, i really couldn’t believe it. i realize that sometimes one might find a twenty spot in a jean pocket, or maybe even a cool benjamin within a dinner jacket, but this was $375.  and even so, it’s not like $375 can carry you for life. we all know it barely gets you out of Whole Foods.  yet timing tends to be everything, and so it didn’t surprise me that this little found find of mine felt like a pot of gold. a lucky stroke. a four leaf clover.

Video Proof

I was playing piano. Really just two chords over and over. Every once in a while I would throw in a third chord. Yeah, I was blue.

So there I was playing C major and F major over and over. Every so often, and just for good measure, I would throw in a D major.

Yeah, I was down, and playing You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones seemed to help cut to my chase.

My partner walked in. He had a couple things he needed to get off his chest. I turned down the volume, but never stopped playing.

It was 75 seconds worth of information, and it was all caught on tape. I played it a dozen times.  It was weird.  Make this go away.

When he left, I knew it was over. Is it even possible for something to be over before it even starts? Damn fucking straight it is!