Semi Secret Santa

As that holiday approached, I braced again for the blues. I continued my personal work towards betterment, but removed any personal pressure to speed up that process. I wasn’t in a rush.
For no apparent reason, I acted on a thought that had been entering my mind for maybe the past couple of weeks. I decided to broach the subject cautiously.  The hope, a cleaner conscious.
I reached out to a niece, and told her the motorcycle story. The moral being that I wanted to send her 5000 pesos so she could get it to her uncle Joe. Her uncle was a close friend of mine once.
She thought it was gracious of me, which helped me purge some guilt. I disguised the MXN in an envelope and mailed it. Instantly I felt a little lighter inside. I was just doing unto another…

A Lucid Winter’s Dream


She finally had a dream worth remembering

He met her at his 50 yard line

They let go of the past

They embodied the present

They embraced for the future too


Truth poured from every angle

Like alchemy, the darkness softened

Naturally there was enlightenment

She finally had a dream worth cherishing

He met her half the way