Love Me Tender

stoked!! i had forgotten all about the $375US that I had hidden in a book that i hadn’t opened in years. no way!! $378US actually. it smelled moldy. i cleaned it in the sink, and put it out in the tropical sun for about 20 minutes. after it dried, i introduced it to the 4500MXN in my wallet. everybody seemed to get along. this US money would come in handy because the Mexican money was running low.  so yeah, i really couldn’t believe it. i realize that sometimes one might find a twenty spot in a jean pocket, or maybe even a cool benjamin within a dinner jacket, but this was $375.  and even so, it’s not like $375 can carry you for life. we all know it barely gets you out of Whole Foods.  yet timing tends to be everything, and so it didn’t surprise me that this little found find of mine felt like a pot of gold. a lucky stroke. a four leaf clover.