Distrito Federal

Mexico City is a Big City. Maybe even the biggest, I don’t know. Last I heard, about 21 million people live within the city limits. Whoa Digger!

My partner told me that one time he got so lost that he had to pay a taxi driver to get him back on track. And no, he didn’t prepay the driver.

Ill timing, coupled with our situation, had us approaching Mexico City around 3:30pm. It didn’t feel like one of our better decisions thus far.

My partner told me that one time the sign to Cuernavca was so covered up by a tree, that he missed the turn, and had to get bailed out by a taxi.

There were toll roads on top of tunnels merging into highways. It was 75kph and bumper to bumper. I put down the Cheese Its and went Kyle Petty.