Go Time

i didn’t sleep one minute. pulled an official all nighter. it began at 6pm. tense times. but i knew all of it was in my head, and not yours. so i would ask that you don’t even try to relate. or try, i don’t care.

i was pretty buckled up. i wished i had more money, but knew i could get it done with what i had, and that kept being good enough for me. so i go into my cabana at 6pm for one last time. fan on.

i then go eleven straight hours. lying down most of the time of course, but not asleep. way too much that was, and was about to be going on. so i stay awake. at 5am i see my opening and take it.

mary was in the restaurant brewing coffee for me. i whispered a yell. we sat down. i could have cried. she served up hot coffee and sweet bread. i had nothing left to say. she most certainly understood.

by 530, don nacho entered the restaurant. he tried to make things light with his extensive english. he knew where my head was at. i continued seeming nervous. he kept telling me to relax. at 6am i was gone.

they stood outside the restaurant and waved goodbye. it was still slightly dark. i drove up the dirt driveway to hwy 200. i turned left. that would be north. this was about to get fucking nuts.