Hello Goodbye

How can I ever forget Monday Night, October 27th, 2014.  I specifically remember waiting until dark before I made my decision official. It went like this: Had my partner come to me by the time the sun went down, there stood a strong chance that I could have been talked into staying.  Sun went down. No partner. I got real busy.

My partner lived right around the corner. I knew that energy and vibes had their way of traveling in this neck, so I turned off all the lights in and around my apartment. In addition, I detached the lights inside my van so that I could leave all the doors open without a light coming on.  So yeah, I had decided to work in the dark. Stealth, I know.

I made the decision to leave Puerto. Not only leave puerto, but sorta sneak out of Puerto. Probably for good.  Sorta not what I had in mind for myself, but in the same breathe, I was in desperate need of doing what I had to do.

I began the packing up process. Man o Man.

You see, my partner began standing on legs he didn’t have. Legs he wanted, not had. Huge difference.  At least to me. He had no legs to stand on because money talks and bullshit walks. That’s the part he didn’t get. Unfortunately for him, I did. So when bullshit started talking, money went walking. As gutted as I felt sneaking away at night so that I wouldn’t get caught by the man who had no legs to stand on, and as heartbroken as I was over the decision I made to have chosen the wrong business partner, and as frightened and as alone as I was at even one element of repercussion, I did feel entitled to do whatever the fuck I wanted to do.

So that’s what I did.