Las Cosas

I was behind the wheel. In the passenger seat sat my partner. Inside the van itself there was stuff. Lots of stuff. Like What??

One 8×11 Expensive Turkomen Rug
One 5×7 Kmart Throw Rug
One Blue Coleman Igloo
One Yellow Craftsman Toolbox(filled)
One Green Werner Ladder
One Black Plastic Utility Box(filled)
One Black Briefcase Full of Books
Two New Coal BBQ’s(still in the box)
Two Old Suitcases(filled)
Two 10×10 Shade Tents
Two 5-gallon Buckets
Two Piano Speakers
Two 11 ft Stand Up Paddle Boards
Two Expensive Carbon Fiber Paddles
Seven Rolls of Fiberglass
Twelve Adjustable Paddles

On top of the van there was also stuff. Seven of them. There would have been Eight of them, but One of them had already made its way to Puerto Escondido three months prior. So Seven. Of Them. Bungee’d down like nobodies business. And then some.

IMG_7005        IMG_7008