Newport Beach, California

It was 4:44am and I was wide awake. Friday, August 29, 2014 was set to be a bit of a turning point. A measuring stick. A monumental sort of day and time. My new era.  It was now the day that I had been looking forward to with a ton of reserve, a fraction of excitement, and a wee bit o’ fear. I walked downstairs to boil water.

With one eye open, my fifty something year old partner was fast asleep on the couch. I walked out into the garage and said a few prayers. It seemed apropos now that there was a plush prayer rug on the cold garage floor. Fact is, I had put everything I could into this very moment. If I wasn’t doing exactly what I was doing, I wouldn’t know what to do. Let us pray.

The only thing left to load into my 2002 Ford E-250 was my tool box and my backpack which hosts all my technology. I went back inside and poured hot water over instant coffee. Yeah, it was like that.

My partner finally got to his feet. His knee had ballooned up from the day prior. He asked if the guy had called or texted. What Guy? The guy that was delivering the glass. What Glass? The rolls of glass that we agreed to burro to Puerto Escondido. We? “Trust me Pollo, you’ll thank me later.”

I had forgotten that we shook hands the night before and agreed that if the guy delivering the seven rolls of glass wasn’t at the garage by 6am, we were Ghandi.

At 5:50am, I kissed goodbye a very special someone.

At 5:55am, I received a txt that read ‘On Jamboree, c u in 5’.

God said let there be stress.

And there was..