Rocky II

The Gorgeous Male Golden aggressively crossed the busy street to flex itself.  I saw it coming from the very start.  It had that purposeful look that it needed to reign on our parade.  Tail wagging, but stiff.  Head held real high and certain.  Trotting like a show horse.  This beauty was about to make a bad play.  Must be a visiting dog from the big city I thought.  It obviously didn’t know that nobody fucks with Rocky. And it’s NOT because Rocky is a mean dog.  It’s quite the opposite actually.  It’s just the way it is.  It’s the birds and the bees.  If you’re a canine in Puerto, when you see cute little Rocky coming, you make the right dog move, and look the other way.  Some dogs I know like to freeze in their tracks with their tail tucked high and tight.  The other popular dog move is to bark all mean as you run the other way.  So it’s safe to say that there are plenty of viable, non violent dog plays out there.
But here comes dumb-dumb.  I tightened my reign on the leash.  I probably should have kicked goofball away, but this dumb mutt, and the owner it belonged to(wherever he or she was) I guess needed to be taught a Puerto Dog Lesson.  As this three year old, full sized Golden got real close, I remember calmly saying things like, “Not a good idea dog, and Don’t let his small size fool you dumb dog.”  I probably [should not have] imitated Willy Wonka’s demeanor when he half heartedly attempted to prevent the Demise of Violet Beauregarde, [but I did.] The dogs went nose to nose, which is never great.  Ass to nose, great.  Nose to nose, not so great.  Then this giant headed 100 lb Golden Retriever Stud decides it is time to rest his beautifully sculpted head and neck on 40 lb Rocky’s back.  Rocky didn’t like that, and said I’m gonna get that boy..  The ONCE proud & beautiful Golden didn’t even know what hit it.  The fight lasted one second.  The scars will last forever.