On Second Thought

There’s a guy I keep seeing around.  He looks about 10 years younger than I.  He’s got a pretty hairy chest. Shirts are out of style here which is how and why I know.  In addition to his frontal forrest, he also has some hair that is creeping onto his upper back.  Normally no biggie.  I’ve got that exact soul patch, and it just so happens to be the softest bit of hair on my body.  Ask that one girl.  Anyway, every couple of years I get it shortened.  Not shaved, shortened.  Hacked back if you will.  It takes thirty seconds, and typically is performed by a close lady friend or family member.  But this isn’t about my hair.  This is about that guys’ that I keep seeing around.  Here’s where he went extra wrong.  No he didn’t shave it or wax it like many of you reading this do.  I see you!  He made the mistake of getting a tattoo there.  My guess is he got the tat in his early 20‘s, well before hair begins to appear on backs, between shoulder blades, inside ears, and the like.  Fast forward 15 years.  Little did this dude know that it would be impossible to make out what the tattoo is because it is hidden in his hairy jungle.  And the double dagger is that all the tattoo does is accentuate the hair and make it look thicker and darker than it probably is. Poor bastard!

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