All Be Bach

My eight month stay along the Southern Coast of Oaxaca has all but concluded.  I am returning to Santa Cruz California on Friday March 2nd.  My flight on Aeromar Airlines leaves Puerto at Noon.  I have a three hour layover in Mexico.  I then fly Alaska Air to Los Angeles.  A two hour layover.  Then LA to San Jose.  My plane lands at 11pm.  I plan to be in Santa Cruz for about four months.  The month of June, I will be working in Truckee CA.  I am returning to Puerto Escondido sometime in July 2012, depending on when my sister and family come visit from Israel.  When I go back for my next eight month run, you really might want to consider coming for a healthy stay yourself.   The tacos are insane.

Besos.  Love & Light.  Hugs.  A Dios