Baby Got Back

There was a knock on my opened door.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was the Hula Hoop girl.  I’ve seen her down on the beach quite a bit with her dog and her variety of hula hoops.  She performs this extra super slow motion hula hoop action that takes front and center.  Actually, the dude with the beanie that juggles the yellow soccer ball while remaining seated in the sand steals the show when he is around.  And of course nobody can hold a stick to Yoga Antonio when he gets fired up.  But the Hula Girl is pretty amazing in her own right.  She wears a thong bikini.  She measures in at about five feet small.  She is probably in her early 20‘s.  Her gigantic ass and hips allow her to work the hula hoop extra devilishly.  So there she is at my door.  Before I let her coax me into whatever it was she was going to try and coax me into, I said, “Aren’t you the giant assed hula hoop lady?”  She smiled and did a slow motion hula hoop motion right at my door.(without a hula hoop)  I said, “You ARE the bubble butted hula hooper.”   I told her that I really admire her work and her courage and her passion and all the junk she packs in the back.  She blushed.  She told me her name was Carla, but that her friends call her Nanda.  Perfect segue for me to tell her that my name was Ben G. but my friends call me Wig.