I’ve been zipping around town lately on a moto.  Thing has some pretty good kick.  It probably tops out at 80kph.  You really have to be careful when you’re on a scooter around here.  There are traffic laws, but not the kind that matter.  There are lots of taxis and pedestrians darting in and out of everywhere.  Potholes, dogs, topes, sand, you name it.  You would never want to wear a helmet because it’s just too hot for that safety measure.  Sandals would be a smart play, but hardly necessary. 


I’m good though.  I’ve been riding bikes for as long as I can now remember.  I also remember my dad showing up for visitors day one year at camp completely pizza burger(ed) all up and down his arms and legs.  Apparently he had slid out his Vespa.  But that won’t happen to me.  Too much experience on two wheels.  If you play the game defensively, fully grasping the concept that a two wheeler ultimately has the most maneuverability out on the road, then you’re as good as Gold Jerry. Gold!