Full ON

Tough living. Major updates Only:

Finally went to Super Che. It’s the only big supermarket in town. Air Conditioned. USA style packaging. Had my eye on some baby powder, potato chips, a soccer ball, and various other items.

Had a real scare at La Punta. Caught a bit inside on the outside, and went on a creepy 1/4 mile jagged rock tour all the way in. Freaky ass shit in unfamiliar big surf. Not a scratch. Nada. OMG!

Went in for a shave and a haircut. The Maestro just kills it. Guy gets it so smooth. Left myself a pretty goofy stashe just for kicks. Five bucks gets that straight razor pampering out of the way.

Began some ball work on the beach. Wasn’t pretty, but didn’t expect it to be. Work in the sand can be slow & humbling. When my strength and fitness come home, it should help matters.

Fully saved a hot chics life. Couple of puppies had her neck deep in the soft soot, and were moments aways from the kill. Couldn’t bare it. Surfboard in one hand, Chicken Little in the other.

Had no idea my MacBook came loaded with Chess. Changes everything.