Kind and Generous

I approached the venue and heard crying.  Sobbing actually.  Coni sounded terrible.  My competition and I both were sure that somebody had died, and that she was just getting word via telephone.  He and I were wide eyed and were whispering to each other how gnAAAArly it sounded.  I chose his left hand.  My right.  I was white.

She came through the gate to have a cigarette and a beer.  She had wiped away all her tears, but missed the eye liner that was all over her swollen face.  I had to know, so I asked.  She said her 16 year daughter just told her that she was pregnant.  I offered up my congratulations.  She smiled.  I moved my strong side Bishop out three rows.

She asked if she could play winner.  Whoa..a female chess player..Really?  Let’s do this young lady.  I was white.  She spoke English.  Yo tambien.  She took a phone call and was gone for about 10 min.  While she was gone, I noticed something  unique about the way things were set up on the chess board.  I gave myself a personal Whoa Guy!

Twenty moves in, I was up several skill players, and ready to create a crafty lure that was sure to have her reeling.  I was but a left brain twitch away from moving my Knight to a handsome spot, when I noticed that if I did that, she could then move her Queen diagonally the full length of the board, trap my King in back, and call Check Mate.

I motioned for The Legend.  He suggested I make the move anyway.  “Cmon dude, the lady is down and out…She probably won’t see it anyway, but give her that chance…It’ll totally cheer her up.”  I’m like, Really??  You really think she will forget her woes if I give up the Mate and act all surprised?  He’s like Dude, and I’m like Dude.

I decided to make the albeit handsome move, and give the young lady a golden OPP to send me packing.  She came back, thought long and hard, cut through all the bait and cheddar that I had craftily created for the past 30 min.  She finally grabbed her Queen and made the full length of the board diagonal sling and called a delayed Check Mate.

She lit up.  We high ten’d.  She had a sparkle in her eye.  “Holy crap lady, you play the game quite well.  I didn’t see that one at all.  Incredible!  We should play again sometime.”  I made the 100 yard walk home in the dark. Barefoot and in Bathing Suit.  The two legged dog dragged herself across the street to get some love.

I got back to my room.  As I got closer to my sliding glass doors, I heard music.  I remembered that I left my PA on.  Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant was playing through my new Peavy Speakers.  I thought of my Aunt Carol.  I cut up five oranges and squeezed myself 16 ounces of C.  I’m not sure exactly how I felt.  The moon was full.