Trix are for U.S. kids

We have been taught in The States, when choosing to buy anything perishable, to grab from the back.  Least I have.  Need some milk—grab the one towards the back.  Same holds true for yogurts, eggs, tofu, etc..  Like I said, perishable items.  US supermarkets and the like receive new shipments of whatever, and strategically shelf them so that they save on spoilage by making the most likely to spoil product most handily available to the idiot end user.  Example:  Today is Friday The 13th.  Safeway has just received a shipment of previously frozen eggs laid by hens that have been eating their own shit for years.  The eggs are supposedly good until Friday the 27th.  The eggs that are front and center expire on Wednesday the 18th.  Joe CattleCall Homeowner buys those ones because somehow he wasn’t taught any differently.  He goes home, and a week later he makes a big ol’ six egg omelette.  It tastes great and nothing bad happens.  Au Contrair Mon Frere! 


I’ve been coming to Puerto Escondido for years.  I’ve come to learn a lot of things about nothing.  They call it trivia in the US.  Then they make a game out of it, and several people make a ton of money off it, and millions of people waste a lot of their time playing it.  Where was I going with this?  Oh, learning lots of things about nothing.  So here it’s different when it comes to choosing your perishables.  If you choose your Milk from ‘Five Milks Back’, that Milk is sour, and if you go home and pour some all over your Frosted Flakes, it’s going to make you sicker than a dog.  That’s why you choose the one in front.  Just like if you buy cookies or chips from any of the thousands of “Room Temperature Tiendas” that line every road in Mexico, it’s the cookies in front that are the fresh ones.  The ones in back have been there forEVER.  For years I would always pull from the back, and consequently never got a fresh bag of Lords.  Those would be Spanish Oreos.


Reader:  What’s Your Point Guy?

Writer:  Not Quite Sure Guy!