Everybody I know, and/or know of, and/or associate with, be it athletically, professionally, mentally, physically, spitefully.., family, friends, fringe friends and the like, past and present readers and haters, and the rest of you, whoever you are, I am finally certain that by now you can’t help but wonder what could possibly be happening in P.E, Oax., MX, that has me annually spending six odd months of the year (t)here.

“He’s too young to be an Ex-Pat, and too old to be traveling around aimlessly on Daddy’s dime.  Does he have a senorita or two that he’s hiding away?, and is she Pregnant?  Hasn’t he come to realize that he’s not going to be able to surf the waves at Main Beach like he had hoped he would when he first visited in 2005.  Hmmmm.  Curious if he’s running from the law?  He’s probably just working on his bloody tan!”