46 Euro

I need shoes.   Size 11 US.

I was given a couple of pairs of used sneaks before leaving the States.  I was thrilled because I was completely out of shoes. Not something I would be using everyday, but they would come in handy on the tennis and basketball courts, as well as other times when flip flops or bare feet would make for a bad play.  I think they were both Nike.  They appeared to be in fine shape.  Supposedly hadn’t been worn in 15 years.   I couldn’t say enough about these two fine pair of sneakers.

I wore the high tops to the airport.  I packed the cross trainers.

On the way to the airport, we stopped in for a beer in downtown Los Gatos. (Pronounced Loss Gattis)  It was 3:30pm on a Monday. By 4pm on that Monday, my right Nike hightop shoe exploded and then disintegrated.  I barely tapped it on the bar’s foot stool, and I promise you that half my shoe disappeared right from under me.  I looked around for any remaining parts.  Fine powdery dust and pieces of weathered rubber were all I could rummage.  I soft pedaled out of there.

I retrieved the cross trainers out of my suitcase and put them on before arriving at San Jose International.  It was 5:15pm.  I quietly stood in line at the cancer causing scanning device(s).  When i took off my cross trainers, my left one blew to bits.  White dust everywhere.  You have got to be kidding!  I swept my shoe(s) into the grey bucket and took my lumps during the MRI.  Alaska Air gave me clear packing tape.  I left a white trail of debris in three airports on three airplanes.

I need shoes.  Size 11 US.