Doll Hairs

I googled ‘Dollar to Peso’, and it read 14.07.  That means that one dollar fetches 14.07 pesos.  I still had a thousand pesos left from my last trip to the ATM, but the exchange rate was this best I had ever seen.  Rocky and I hopped a Collectivo.  There was a female Boxer already aboard.  During the ten minute drive, Rocky thoroughly spit shined her left ear out.  Everybody aboard giggled.  We then went into the air conditioned bank.  100 eyeball turned on the gringo with the unique dog. I’m guessing it was Rocky’s first time in a bank.  He seemed to enjoy the AC.  I had to take the Little Man because of his separation anxiety.  No telling what he is capable of doing if left alone.  He’s a good boy.  He’s brilliant with numbers too.  Here are some numbers to crunch.  Aqui en Puerto, five authentic tacos and an ice cold beer will set you back 40 pesos.  At 14 pesos to the doll hair, Rocky asks that you do your own math and call your travel agent.