Change of Season

It’s a good time of year to come visit Puerto Escondido.  The calm before the High Season.   Flights to Puerto Escondido can be a bit pricey, and can incur odd layover times in Mexico City, BUT you can offset all that by sticking around awhile. Once here, your life will simplify and your dollar will pack a real punch.  Puerto Escondido Airport is abbreviated PXM.  Huatulco Airport(90 min. drive) is HUX. Everything will go through Mexico City.  Most ALL major airlines have round trips to Mexico City. The next step is getting to Puerto Escondido.  Continental is tied in with the airlines that come here. Perhaps they have package deals etc.  The Airlines that come to Puerto Escondido are Aeromar(Continental) and VivaAerobus. Interjet and some other one go to Huatulco.  Remember that Huatulco is 90 minutes south.  A cheap taxi ride.  A cheaper shuttle.  A real cheap bus trip.  Huatulco sometimes offers better flight times from the East Coast.  From California…I like Alaska to Aeromar.   You need to time the flights so that you only have an eight hour layover in Mexico City, and NOT an overnight.  Maybe you want an overnight. I never do.  You can probably get a round trip with all the needed flights for about $700.  I would imagine that is about the cost nation wide.  This place is neat. Extra Special.  I would encourage looking into it.  Adios…..