Maid Service

Part of my job description here at Hotel Royale is that it is description-less.  There is absolutely no telling what a particular day is going to have in store for me.  It could be fixing and cleaning toilets, making copies of keys, doing favors for guests, surfing all day, painting, hiding out in my room and pretending to nap, taking people to the bank so that they can pay us, playing host, or even convincing a young male traveler that two beautiful females slept in his soon-to-be bed for three whole nights, and that if I were him, I would take advantage of that soil, hence preventing me from having to make a new bed.  The list does goes on..
My favorite thing around here to do is to comb the rooms once a guest has left.  It’s typically a score.  Lotions, Sunscreens, and Shampoos are pretty common.  Especially the bigger bottles.  I score a lot of pasta, olive oil, salt and pepper.  I picked up a good book and a fin key today.  First aid kits come in handy for sure.  It makes me wonder what the maids at a Hilton or Marriott are summoned to do when they find things in rooms.  Big Jim usually asks how I made out. He still beats me to some rooms.  He once came into my room w/ a $10 bar of Chocolate.  No way in hell he bought it. He broke me off $5 worth. The gourmet shit..