Nothin’ Up My Sleeve or And The Password Is??

I had myself a situation.  My 180 day visa had expired, and I was popped riding a borrowed scooter going the wrong way on a one way.  I wasn’t carrying a license or my passport.  Unfortunately the only bill in my bathing suit was a 500 Peso Large.  Can’t be parting with that juicy nug.

Did he have a gun?  No I said.  Did he have car nearby?  No.  And you were on a scooter?  Yes I said.  Did you make eye contact with him?  I did.  BIG MISTAKE.  So he’s on foot, and you stopped?  Yep.  How much did he get?  Not a peso I said.  Nicely done..OK here’s what you do.

So I grew a mustache.  A big ol thick Honkin’ one.  Like Goose Gossage.  Then I went and bought me one of them big ol brimmed whicker hats with the drawstring.  I stopped walking barefoot.  I changed out my sunglasses.  I wore a shirt wherever I went.  A bonified OG.  Slalom.