Monkey Business

I appeared at Papa Chango’s treehouse, unannounced as always.  Chango was busy making wood models.  It had only taken him 59 odd years, including 40 years of gucci construction to realize that blueprints are just a load of bullocks.  He says they are absolutely impossible for the client to wrap their mind around.  Ditto that my brother.  

Sure the blue print with all the exotic fractions and measurements everywhere show there is a door here, which opens to a deck there.  And yes the fridge sits here and the bidet goes there.  Oh, and if we go to page 9, there is a sideways back view of the Master Bedroom. So long as you can imagine it from a bird’s eye. Eeesh.

So PC is making models.  Clearly putting the word model back in Model Home.  His models are all made of scrap wood and glue only.  His current project is a two story, 1200 s/f guest home.  For your viewing pleasure, the roof lifts off.  So does the second story.  Everything is scaled exactly to size.  So simple, a monkey can understand it.