Whoever started the rumors about Mexico being a dangerous place, was dead on.  It is true.  This place is dangerous, and I don’t see anyway around it.  Examples:

I use an Osterizer every day.  Sometimes twice.  That would mean I clean it daily, and sometimes twice.  Imagine having to do that.  75% of the time I give a little blood.    

Wearing shoes or sandals around here is just no fun.  It’s too hot for those kinds of restrictions.  Barefoot is the only way to go, and I have the scars to prove it.

If you ain’t willin to get on the back of a moto carrying two surfboards, as a 12 year old speeds you off to La Punta, well then you ain’t goin‘ surfin.  Slippery when sandy.

Collectivos are my main mode of transpo.  Unless one is empty or near empty, I regularly stand barefoot on the rusted up bumper and hang on for dear life.

Throw in the hot, hot sun, the powerful surf and swarming rips, all the beautiful women, and the 10 peso Ice Cold Coronas, and you are flirting with danger my friends.