Chango- might need your help.  came home from surf this morning and water is shooting onto the street through the big rock wall.  walk upstairs and the sistern is overflowing.  the sistern at the grass level that pumps water up to the three Tinakos on the roof is overflowing.  it took me an hour to figure out that i had to turn the water off at the street level.  until i figured that out, i was carrying five gallon buckets of water up to the roof and putting them in the Tinako.  i did that ten times.  fucking brutal.  did save 50 gallons.  the Tinakos are all only half full which has me worried.  normally they always stay topped off.  estela had some band of fellows around noon time come have a look.  they were all in uniform.  two of them drank right out of the hose.  couldn’t understand a lick of what they were saying.  can’t see the float in the sistern.  i have la bomba off, but even when i turn it on, it doesn’t turn on. should i be freaking?  your thoughts. -Kid Nacho