Disco Lemonade

When I got to the shoreline, I realized I didn’t have my ear plugs.  I left my surfboard with one of the beach photographers and ran back up the hill.  I quickly snagged my plugs, grabbed a banana, and made my way back out of the hotel.  It was 8:30am.  The sky was cloudy and overcast.  A hard rain had fallen all night.  I closed the heavy iron gate to the entrance, turned around, looked directly across the street, and there she was.  In platform double suede, yeah there she was.

Me: Didn’t I see you yesterday while I was?.?.?..
Her: You were playing Ping Pong
Me: Yes I was.  What’s your name?
Her: Victoria
Me: Where are you from Vicky?
Her: Greece
Me: How long are you here for?
Her: Tonight is my last night.
Me: Should we make it a special last night?
Her: Sure.  Where are you from?
Me: I live here.
Her: What are you doing here?
Me: I’m a new artist
Her: What were you doing before you became a new artist?
Me: I wore The #10 for the Rebels
Her: I don’t understand
Me: It’s complicated.  I will explain later.
Her: OK.  So where are you staying?
Me: (I point up the hill) I’m in charge of Agua Azul.
Her: Wow!  Like the manager In Charge?
Me: That’s right.
Her: I don’t believe I caught your name
Me: I’m Charles. 
Her: Hope to see you later Chachi
Me: Yo tambien.