Word was out.  The chess legend in Puerto for the past 20 years or so was finally being beaten by a young fellow named KO.  True Stories.  KO was regularly beating Tron, yet not without giving it everything he had.  It was no secret that Tron was well underway with the derailing affects of Alzheimer’s, but trust me, he still managed to play a very professional game of chess.  I had heard through the mezcal vine that Tron used to play many of Puerto’s so called ‘best’ players without using his Queen.  He would set it up, but never move it.  How fucking cool is that? 

I saw Tron & KO doing battle in a cafe once.  I knew who they were.  They didn’t know me.  The reason I knew of them is because I’m good that way.  So there I was, thumbing through my pocket dictionary, minding somebody else’s business.  The game looked very serious.  I began wondering if I had it in me to play at their level.  Had I known that I would be given that very golden opportunity in less than 10 days from what is now then, I don’t know what I would have done differently.  Second guess my ability more likely than not.  I made like a banana.