Upper Vee

I was introduced to this young lady at the Monday hot spot in all of Puerto Escondido.  Cabo Blanco would be the place.  Great food.  Great dancing.  Party usually starts around 11:30pm.  Probably why I’ve never been to a Monday party at Cabo Blanco.  Needless, it’s the only place to be, and it’s a great night out.  A new friend of mine named Emilio introduced us.  We drank Mojitos. The music was loud.  We barely spoke.  I believe her name was Maggie.  I forget what I told her my name was.  There were a bunch of other dudes fancying her attention.  Like I cared.  Anyway, two weeks later I see her running the beach with a soccer ball.  She was wearing a tight pair of Roxy shorts with a skimpy lime green tank top. On the back it read Favre w/ a big #4.  She looked pretty damned good.  From what I could tell, she looked like a player with a bit of skill too.  I approached her and began stupid small talk.  She was maybe 27 y/o at the most.  Her toes were painted black.  She sported a couple of tattoos.  She had a nose ring.  I was hoping that I would be given a chance to tell her why I was living in Puerto Escondido, but she would have to ask.  This is not information I give out too readily.  And then it hit.  “So why are you down here in Puerto Escondido?”, she said.  “So I can prepare myself to play soccer in The States,” I said.  No Really. Seriously.  I don’t get it. Well that’s because it is sort of complicated. Are you a paid player? It depends on your definition of paid.  Well what is yours?  My ROI is the better indicator.  It’s value added.  I think you are full of shit.  Frustrated with my ambiguity, she pushed the ball with pace towards my folded hands.  It was my moment to win or lose.  Instinctively I dropped my hands, softened the ball off my chest, juggled it from my left quad to my right quad, and knuckled it hard with the Left towards the vacant lifeguard tower.