You missed a spot

I made the Big Man feel welcome.  He was just two days removed from competing in a Mr. Universe qualifying comp. in Germany, and one of those days was a full day of travel to get here.  I was sure he was wacked.  Big Jim brought him coconuts.

He’s a 40 y/o cop from Paris.  Different.  Bodybuilders can get that way at his level.  He tries to fit in here, but it’s impossible.  He boogies.  If I had anything in common with the dude, I am sure I would find him to be Universally different than me.

He likes to tan himself in a tiny thong in the mornings and evenings down at the beach.  I saw him sunning with a pretty Mexican once.  She was topless.  He called me over to them.  The ‘booby’ traps I fall into around here never end.  Solid B cup.

He appeared at my penthouse suite at about 3pm this past Tuesday.  He had a sunscreen bottle in each of his hands.  “Oh don’t fucking tell me!!”  Good Gawd!  Yep, that’s what Biggie wanted.  HOLY CRAP!!  And he wanted lots of it put on too.

Well, did you really do it?  I personally would have told the Hulk to Beat It!  Tell me you didn’t lather the Big Boy up with lotion.   Oh Dude!  That’s Classic!!  You couldn’t pay me a million bucks to do what you just did.  Grow a sack amigo!!