A Pink Panther Strikes

I finally made out.  I’ve been getting ding donged and taken advantage of night and day around here.  For years.  Just yesterday it appeared there was a 30% discount on Special K cereal.  Love Special K.  I get up to the register, and it was full price.  I say, “No descuenta?”  She rattles off three hardliners of tomfoolery where I probably needed to buy two and the third one would have been 30% off.   Or maybe that my next visit I would receive my discount.  Who knows.  In the States, I would have said that I didn’t want it, even if it meant that the checker had to, “God Forbid” cancel out a transaction on the computer.  Wouldn’t even phase me.  I might even wink and ask the checker if she could give me the discount anyway.  “Cmon Lady, you know it’s Corporate Pricing Trickery!”

In my heavily Minoric position,(i guess Minoric should mean a human being of a certain color that is not the same color as just about everybody else) you just take your lumps.  This is a good one too:  I went to buy one fork, one knife, and one spoon.  In the States I would just rip them off from my favorite(or not so favorite) restaurant.  And I’d be doing them a favor.  Ask me why another time.  Needless, I don’t steal here.  OK so fork, knife, spoon.  I spot a 10peso bin.  I pull a fork, a cutting knife,(both matching and w/ wood handles) but can’t find a spoon.  On the shelf above, there is a set, and packaged as so.  Bingo!  Had to be 30p so I thought.  35 at the most.  Of course there was no listed price.  I get to the register, and they ring up as 51p.  50 fucking 1.  Like I said…Lumps.

But Alas!  Long overdue.  It went down like this:  Today I stopped into my favorite fruit stand.  I bought two bananas, two apples, and six oranges.  The nine year old, on what appeared to be her first hour on the job, in what was clearly too small of a plastic bag, put the bananas on the bottom and everything else on top.  Bananas ripen quickly here.  They don’t any help help by getting smushed by fellow fruits.  I saw the bananas going in first and just had to laugh.  Again.  Then the mother tells me that it’s like 27 pesos.($2.25)  I just knew that was way too high.  But what’s a white guy to do except pay The Indian.  And that’s what I did.  I gave her 50 pesos.  She gave me back 73 pesos in change.  I looked left.  I looked right.  I exited straight the fuck out.  Heavens to Mergatroid.