Wave Theory

Wave Theory

by Papa Chango

Waves come and go as an irresistible force. At times the waves are very small and gentle. Other times they are powerful and violent. Sometimes there are great winds or undermining currents, or tides that render the waves near impossible to negotiate. As a surfer, I have developed skills that enable me to mingle with the sea. I have the choice to either swim in the sea or not.

It seems to me that I have come upon a tumultuous sea of ignorance. This sea is filled with floundering souls who are all in sight of a mirage of salvation and struggling to reach there. They are all struggling to be “good people.” They don’t do this and that. They do this and that. They approve of this but not that. They believe this and that is “just wrong.” And they struggle. They want others struggling to think well of them so they adopt ideas, trends, beliefs, fashions, children.

Most of these creatures treading water in the sea have never been taught to swim. Keeping their heads above water just comes natural but they cannot thrive there or move to a more hospitable place. They reach for, but never reach the mirage of salvation. Having done yoga for 38 years is an indication that perhaps there is no goal. Having watched television for 38 years has a similar outcome. Judging one or the other is like fighting over a mirage. So we struggle; you out there and me on the beach watching, but not willing to wade in and turn off the TV.