In with the Old

Lots of Grandmas and Grandpas around here.  Same amount I guess as anywhere.  Difference is here you see them and there you don’t.  I take that back.  There you see them in line at CVS pharmacy, and driving slowly in cars heading to Costco.  Here you just see them.  And they got it made here.  They are the kings and queens of their designated castles, and always dressed in colorful sundresses and flip flops.  They cook, clean, do laundry, and watch the children.  They aren’t threatened into believing they need poisonous drugs to stay alive.  They aren’t threatened into thinking they should be something that they are not.  They get one Novella on their one TV channel, and they believe every damn word.  They live in peace and die in peace.  They don’t use wheelchairs or crutches.  They don’t wear glasses or high heels.  They most certainly don’t get put away by their own families to live die with other old folks they have never known.